Last week I was riding the emotional waves after coming back to ‘normal’ life post retreat.
It was messy.
There was tension.
And I’ve grown to anticipate this place – it’s the growth space. THIS is where the magic happens.

Tension = growth = success = dreams becoming a reality!

Hell yes I’ll embrace that tension! Will you?

Over the years I’ve learned that most people run from the tension. They turn their back and hide, or duck and cover, or eat their struggle away. But, we both know you’re not most people. You are ready for more. You are ready to become more. You are tired of hiding in the shadow of who you know you’re here to be.

Most people have been taught to expect things to be easy. In today’s world most people expect instant gratification. Gone are the days of doing something challenging. Let’s hit the easy button.

Here’s the thing, there’s a time and place for choosing the easy path. When it comes to YOUR goals, YOUR dreams, YOUR desires… you know the true rewards are not in instant gratification.

It requires resilience, trial and error, focus, determination, and even a willingness to fail.

It requires you to believe in yourself.

It requires you to trust yourself and know you’re worthy of having it all.

Gone are the days of hoping you do enough to get to the next level.

In are the days of knowing every day you do what’s needed to move up a level. Like my mentor said, “do the work you know will get you closer to your goal. If you’re trying to lose weight do the work required to be 100% confident the scale will reflect your efforts. Don’t half ass it and hope the scale magically shows you lost the weight. Do the work!”

This applies to so many areas of your life. Make your plan work for you, not against you. Tension is not a bad thing, it’s the indicator that you’re moving the needle in the right places to experience just the right growth.
When it feels a little messy – good, keep going.