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Words cannot express how much I absolutely love having Rebecca and Danielle support me as I am building my business (well ultimately multiple businesses is the dream). I dreamed about being an entrepreneur since high school – I knew it was ALWAYS going to happen for me.
Entrepreneurship is was NOT taught in my business school classes. It is a different level of integrating personal life and business – that is just not addressed when it’s assumed one is going to work a 40-hour (+) salaried career. Entrepreneurship requires self-awareness, clear boundaries, and self-care ON TOP of the product development, market research, and sales ALL done usually by ONE person, the solo-entrepreneur until he or she decides and is able to hire assistance.
It all rides on you, the CEO, CFO, CMO, C everything of your business. You NEED a solid FOUNDATION in more than just general business skills. You NEED to set up BOUNDARIES for yourself, your clients, and your business. You need to learn to balance Life with both operating your business and growing your business.
This is where Building Successful Entrepreneurs Academy comes in. Becca and Danielle are a powerhouse team. When they invited me to join BSEA, there was no hesitation for this full-body heck-yes! Even for established businesses, foundations always need care and maintenance.
Kaitlyn Signorelli

Confidence Coach , Kaitlyn Signorelli Coaching

This is the best thing that could have happened to me and I am truly honored to be a founding member of BSEA.  I am, for the first time, getting clarity on so many areas of my life, not just my business! My whole Mindset is changing, and I am seeing things in a more postive way.  I am focusing on the things I CAN do as opposed to my limitations! 

The program is based on a holistic approach so the benefits are exponential, and the changes I am making with the support Danielle and Rebecca are FAR beyond what I ever expected.  Their support and guidance has kept me accountable and encouraged me to apply the things I know as opposed to just spinning my wheels which is what I was doing prior to this program. 

My business plan is much more solid, and I am able to orgaqnized my day in a way where I get stuff done and still honor myself!! I finally quit fighting myse3lf and learned to plan what needs to be done and get it done during the times that work for me as opposed to what works for everyone else.  That has been a hue turning point for me!! I am looking forwared to continuing this journey!!!!!!  

I am so glad they gave me the push I needed and didn’t give up on me when I first started the program!! I reccomend Building Successful Entreprenuers Academy to any struggling entreprenuer.  You will gain so much clarity and structure.  Danielle and Rebecca truly give you the foundation you need to e successful!! They are invested in your success and wellbeing! 

Christy Book

R.N. Content Writer, Christy Book

If you want to become a successful entrepreneur THIS PROGRAM IS UNMATCHED!!!
I am so grateful to Danielle and Rebecca for asking me to be a founding member/student of Building Successful Entrepreneurs Academy! The entire course and its content has been meticulously planned out to provide the knowledge, practical tools and skills to help me build a strong, solid foundation.
This opportunity is setting me up to become successful in my new coaching career for years to come!!! The best part about it is that it’s a holistic approach because let’s be honest we can’t be successful if we don’t focus on ourselves too!! Its mindset and business, combined flawlessly to create the perfect, most direct path to success I have ever found!! They take you from start to finish and DON’T MISS ANYTHING!!!
The information is presented step-by-step, in perfect order and is applicable for any experience level; from a new entrepreneur just learning everything (like me) to a more established entrepreneur as well!!!
Every detail is covered AND it is customized to each person’s INDIVIDUAL NEEDS and experience level!!! The focus each week depends on YOU and what YOUR specific needs are that week!!
They are available to answer all of my questions at anytime!!! My mind is seriously blown. Because of these two AMAZING women I no longer have to waste my time searching for answers. In the past I would Google my questions and get sucked into searching for the answers for hours only to get overwhelmed from the multitude of different “answers” which just left me frustrated and with MORE questions and a feeling of defeat. I was starting to dread my days and question myself and my ability to become the Entrepreneur I knew I was capable of becoming!!! NOW when I start my coaching business (because I am still a few months away from being certified), I will be equipped with more knowledge, skills, tools, and resources than I could have ever even dreamed of!!
One of my FAVORITE things so far is that I can dream bigger now!! I know 1000% that ANY obstacle I encounter I can overcome because I now have the support of these two badass women!!
Denise Holler

Clinical Sexologist & Sexual Educator, Denise Holler Coaching

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  • We both have real-world, 20+ years proven experience in applying the strategies we teach.
  • We each have a solid and profitable  business we each built from scratch, without marrying a rich husband!
  • Are seen in our fields and have been award for being experts who generously and lovingly share our knowledge.
  • Will give you the perfect mix of proven business growth strategies, calrity with solid mindset and energy principles that will help you to rewire your business and life.
  • Will see your brilliance and provide you with the support, love and guidance you need to have the money and soul breakthroughs to catapult you into unlimited success.
  • Are both powerful mentors and teachers with the ability to powerfully pass on our experience to our clients, so they can learn and apply it on a deep level.

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Rebecca Branham

R.N, Master Life, Clarity and Health Coach, NLP Practitioner, and Reiki Healer, Successful Business owner with client success stories ranging in 6+ figures.

The reason I worked with Becca is I knew I needed someone who could help me create a healthier lifestyle and encourage me along the journey. Becca’s positive energy combined with her joy and freedom of coaching and nursing expertise is what attracted me to working with her. I knew from watching her Facebook live videos and posts that she would help provide me with honest feedback and help motivate me to live a healthier lifestyle. Becca’s flexibility with my schedule. I would sometimes be late to our group meeting times because of work but she was totally understanding and super nice about it all. Working with Becca was amazing!! Her positive energy and optimism made working with her such a great experience!!


Danielle Ralston

Master Life, Business, Marketing & Entrepreneurship, Professional ADHD Coach, award-winning CEO & 6+figure multi-business owner.

Thank you for being in my life! You have TOTALLY changed me!  When I came to you I had tried it all and felt so stuck.  I went from what I thought was impossible without starting from scratch and building a brand new audience etc., to hitting consistent revenue for 6 months straight, within about 3 months of working with you, and in the last session, you gave me the big picture to dream even bigger, and I think I got my first bigger ticket client the day after we spoke! For anyone struggling with 100 tabs open in your dead like me …. PLEASE go to Danielle!!