Empowered Entrepreneurship: Speak. Thrive. Lead! 

Discover the path to empowered entrepreneurship as you speak your truth, thrive in your business, and lead with confidence. Learn to Share Your Stories, Expertise & Authentic Truth on Social Media & Finally Be Seen As a Leader!
I am starting a Series on  clarifying what “business messaging” really means, how to battle haters and how to gain enough confidence that we’re PROUD to ask for the sale. 

Empower Your Business with Unshakeable Confidence

L‌et us Dive into BEING BOLD and UNAPOLOGETIC with FEARLESS CONFIDENCE in your business! 

1. Gain Razor-Sharp Clarity to Master Your Message & Share Your Raw Truth

So What is your Message? It NEEDS to be a solid and unapologetic message to  help you cut through noise, abolish the algorithm and ease the ache of crappy email open rates, low engagement and no or low sales. Your unapologetic message is your TRUE message. It’s the HEART of the work you’re here to do.
Go back to the 5 W’s and an H here… 

2. Learn to Squash Your Fears & Boldly Battle Backlash (or Haters)

We are conditioned to fear sharing our truth boldly or saying anything that matters. Our brains are literally wired to want to stay safe and “belong” because “belonging” used to literally be akin to survival.

Remember this mantra: “I’m not for everyone and neither are you”. You will never be too much for the right people. Your people are ready for your truth. Your people will follow you to the ends of the earth because of your authenticity. 

Here are 5 things to help you do this:

First, you need to conquer your inner critic.
Second, ease your way into it.
Third, surround yourself with people who are also passionate about authentic communication.
Fourth, get comfortable by expressing yourself in a REAL way that people feel comfortable connection with. 
Fifth, regularly remind yourself of your accomplishments.

‌3. Turn Your Message into Ultra-Compelling Content

Once you’ve nailed down an unapologetic message (or a few key viewpoints) and feel prepared to start sharing them, it’s time to turn them into tangible content. Your message is like the backbone of your content, but each piece of content doesn’t need to explicitly state your message. 
Don’t worry about the “vanity metrics,” you don’t need a million followers – you only need ENGAGED followers and people who believe in your message or need to hear your message. Remember, a smaller but engaged list is more profitable than a super large, unmotivated list. Experiment with your content to see what your audience responds to and then do more of that.
‌4. Pack a Punch with A More Polarizing Messaging
People are dying for fresh inspiration and ideas. The main reason so much content gets lost online is because people are saying the same thing as everyone else or they’re saying a watered-down version of what they REALLY want to say. This is why turning your viewpoints and opinions into actual content is the best way to attract the right people into your sphere.
‌5. Tell Stories that Show the Real You – Flaws and All!
Storytelling is a key skill to learn if you want to master the art of unapologetic messaging and content creation. Quite simply, this means showing the ‘in private / behind the scenes’ version of you (and your opinions) to the public. These stories don’t have to be pretty and polished; they just need to be truthful and authentic. 

Build a Loyal Audience and Boost Your Sales 

The more you show up authentically, say what you truly want to say, and therefore, stand out, the more people you’ll have in your audience who understand you and want to work with you – which means selling will only become easier and easier! 

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