How I stay organized as an ADHD Individual  


So I one of my coaching clients just asked me how as an ADHD person I can stay so organized… 
The answer is an easy one for me. We all know that as a neuro-divergent brain we have decreased dopamine production naturally so we need to create a boost since our brains work more than other brains (like an athlete needs more food because they are using their muscles more intensely than the average person). 

Habits and Strategies to Boost Dopamine Levels: My Personal Approach

So for me to create that dopamine I do a few things (all of these are based on #5 below): 
1: Tyrosine – I do this through food, not a supplement.
2: 15 minutes of exercise every 2 hours (I just walk due to health issues but it makes a big difference in my ability to focus). 
3: 10 minutes of meditation every morning…
4: Create Time-based Habits – doing this creates a way for your brain to NOT work hard to focus because it subconsciously knows what is coming once that habit is established…. and YES this creates dopamine. 
5: ROUTINES – these create that same subconscious expectation for our brains that time-based habits do. 
6: MUSIC – I am listening to it all the time… movie soundtracks are my favorite but some days you can hear me listening to metal, rock, broadway.  Whatever type of input I need that day. 
What have you done today to create your dopamine fix? 

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