t’s completely normal to be in shock and experience a whole range of emotions after being diagnosed with ADHD. But don’t let those feelings keep you from taking the next step towards getting help — it can make all the difference! Allowing yourself time for personal reflection will ultimately allow more space for healing, growth, acceptance, and peace.

Don’t feel like a lone wolf – it’s estimated that over 5 million adults in the US are dealing with untreated ADHD. If you’re one of those who have been diagnosed, then congrats! You’ve taken an important step towards taking control and improving your mental health. So don’t let anybody gaslight you into believing this is just some kid disorder – 4.4% of us grownups out here know better!

Looking for a brighter tomorrow? Take control of your ADHD! Connect with others in 1/1 coaching, group coaching, support groups, or get informed about the disorder by reading books and articles. It’s time to put an end to this stressful chapter; take those first steps toward treatment today.

Living with ADHD can be isolating and exhausting, but you don’t have to face it alone. Whether participating in support groups isn’t an option or not, your loved ones are there for a reason: they want to help! But first things first – if you need their understanding on the daily struggles of having ADHD, start by explaining what is going inside your head – because even Edward Hallowell from New York Times says that “You gotta explain it so those clowns know how important social ties are for individuals living with ADD.” Bottom line? Don’t just rely on spouses/parents; enlist siblings, coworkers & friends too; after all- everyone needs someone when times get tough!

Keepin’ it real! Let’s be honest with ourselves and each other: ADHD is no walk in the park. We need to recognize symptoms like messiness or emotional outbursts, so we can learn how to better cope – not just for us, but our loved ones too. Ain’t nobody got time fer excuses; let’s make this happen TODAY! #NYSASSY

Don’t let ‘laziness’, ‘rudeness’ or impulsiveness define you. ADHD is a real thing and it’s time to switch from guilt & fear, towards empowerment so that your future can now be as limitless as the possibilities of managing this condition! So drop those excuses – an ADHD diagnosisonly marks the beginning of something amazing for yourself.

Tired of letting your ADHD diagnosis control you? Take the reigns and try these relaxation techniques recommended by psychologists that work to help with anxiety, worry, or any other strong emotions. Mindfulness meditation and deep breathing are scientifically backed methods for managing negative thoughts while maintaining focus – even better when combined with an expert’s guidance! Whether it be through a coach or online tutorials, give yourself permission to take some time out from life stressors and make use of the gift that is mindfulness.

Don’t give into anxiety and overwhelm if you get an ADHD diagnosis – that’s a cue to seek out professional support. Whether your symptoms are mild or severe, it pays off to have the right pro on board: getting help from someone experienced in diagnosing and treating adults with ADHD can elevate life quality like whoa!