That job you “can’t stand” is your investor.

That job you “can’t wait to leave behind” is your peace of mind.

That job you have that’s paying your rent while you grow your biz IS serving you.

If you feel disappointment for “still having to work your day job” then it’s time to wake up.

How would you feel knowing you can expect a certain amount of money to consitently come in in exchange for something you offer?

How would it feel having financial stability whilst you grow your biz?

How would it feel not having ALL the pressure on you and your biz to pay your bills?

It’d feel fucking great wouldn’t it? Lol da. It feels magical AF. It feels light. Not heavy.

Guess what…. 😏

That job is hitting all those marks ✅✅✅ 👀

Instead of telling yourself the money HAS to come from your biz, be open to receiving money from other places where you currently have less resistance.

if you want more money to come through your biz then you have to start appreciating your job more. Give it more credit. Start being grateful for it CONSISTENTLY.

If you can’t express gratitude for what you currently have flowing to your bank account what makes you think you’ll be grateful when it comes from somewhere else? All the universe sees right now is a woman who isn’t happy with what she has – which means you’re calling in more of that frequency.

Once I embodied this and REALLY appreciated what my nursing job has provided me, everything shifted and the money started pouring in faster than I expected.

Your job is currently one of your investors. Treat it like one. Consistently. Not just when you need something from it.

Would you talk shit or complain about a client who pays you for what you offer? No. So why are you BEING that way toward this investor?

If you showed up for you business as consistently as you do your job, I guarantee you you’d be closer to where you want to be (or further).

Consistency in the right ways, for the right reasons, and potently is the fastest way to transition your consistent job income to consistent business revenue.

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