Calling all powerful and driven ladies ready to take charge of their ADHD!

Next month, we have an exclusive opportunity in Pensacola, FL, for 5 ambitious women looking to conquer the world.


If you think 3 hours in our  Radical Shift Masterclass created growth…

Imagine being with us IN PERSON in an intimate location for 3 days of VIP TREATMENT!

Don’t miss out on your chance to join us and become unstoppable by learning how you can thrive with ADHD both personally + professionally.


Ladies, now’s your chance to join an all-star lineup of ambitious ADHD women like you! We’re creating a supportive and inspiring space to help you elevate – so you can flourish and succeed! Don’t miss out on this opportunity – take control of your life NOW with no excuses!


Tired of feeling overwhelmed, stuck in patterns you know are self-sabotaging? You’re ready to be in your power and make ADHD work for YOU. Join two SUCCESSFUL ADHD business mentors who GET IT – they navigate it all effortlessly, conquering every aspect of their lives like ADHD doesn’t get in their way.

Ready to take charge and get seriously successful?

Rebecca and Danielle

Jump on the journey with us!

Plus, experience lasting female friendships while expanding your horizons – no excuses allowed here!

Time to take control of your ADHD brain!

You no longer have to live in chaos and be overwhelmed by your thoughts.

Discover how to tap into the power of dopamine, and remove blocks with mindset practices tailored specifically for you – so that distractions no longer hold you back from achieving greatness and success.

Learn unique self-care techniques to help build a healthier outlook on life; give yourself permission to celebrate all those wins instead of overlooking them as failures or screw-ups.

A Retreat for Female ADHD Entrepreneurs

3 days of…

 ADHD Mindset Practices

 GOAL Planning and Implementation (yes, we will get you started on the things you are stuck on)

 We will work on YOUR Self -Sabotage and transform it into your ADHD SUPERPOWER.

 Teach you how to create your MOTIVATION (you know, that Dopamine that you are always looking for).

 INSPIRATION that you can take home with you.

 Learn how to bring all your parts together so that they work for you, not against you!

April 27-30th in Pensacola, FL

All you need to do is get to the location EVERYTHING

is taken care of once you arrive! 

  • Food ($200 Value) 
  • Lodging in a Private Airbnb designed to recharge your batteries & squirrels! ($1600 value) 
  • Mentorship ($4500 Value) 
  • Coaching  ($4500 value) 
  • Strategy  ($5000 value) 
  • 1 Month of follow-up support in a private Slack Channel ($1500 value)
  • Relaxation on a beach (Priceless) 

Total Value: $16,500

TOTAL COST: $2,500 

Meet Your Hosts: